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What is a pergola?

A louvered shade structure.

What is a bioclimatic pergola?

A high-tech louvered shade structure that reacts to changing weather conditions via rain sensors and adjustable remote-controlled louvers, providing optimal shade and rain protection. 

Both significantly add to the function, style, and entertainment value of your home.



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patio covers, carports, facade elements, and garden structures.

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The Carmargue features a louvered bioclimatic roof that opens fully in sun or closes in rain, and offers customization options such as sliding loggia or glass panel side elements, windproof fixed screens, and LED lighting, all of which add up to a luxurious space fit for four season enjoyment.

Learn more about the Camargue line and optional accessories.


With a more slender profile, the Algarve delivers the same sun and rain protection as the Camargue, with options for windproof fixed screens, LED lighting, and a fixed, full shade roof. The Algarve is available in 10 standard colors, and is proudly made in the USA. As a result, average delivery times are shorter.

Learn more about the Algarve line and optional accessories.


Stylish and minimal, the Lapure is a shade solution consisting of a windproof and waterproof screen awning that rests on elegant aluminum columns. Anchored to an existing façade, the Lapure provides sun or shade with a simple click of a remote control, and can be opened or closed fully or partially for optimal shade flexibility.  

Learn more about the Lapure line and optional accessories.

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PergolaHaus is an authorized dealer and installer of Renson® hi-tech bioclimatic pergola structures. Based in Belgium, with an over 100-year legacy, Renson® is the European leader and trendsetter in the field of natural ventilation, outdoor solar shading and outdoor products. Manufactured in ultramodern production facilities, each Renson® product features elegant, minimalist design, a vast array of personalization options, and high-quality and easy-to-maintain materials. 

Based in New Jersey, but covering distribution and installation in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions, PergolaHaus was founded by experienced construction expert Aaron Thall, with a stated mission to "enable high-quality, outdoor living with modern, flexible and elegant outdoor structures that reflect the needs and aesthetics of their owners." With a detail orientation and precision that borders on the obsessive, PergolaHaus prides itself on service that is as high-quality, flexible, and expert as the products they sell and install. PergolaHaus serves individuals, architectural firms, and landscape architects to deliver on any commercial or residential need.




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