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What is a pergola?

A louvered shade structure.

What is a bioclimatic pergola?

A high-tech louvered shade structure that reacts to changing weather conditions via rain sensors and adjustable remote-controlled louvers, providing optimal shade and rain protection. 

Both significantly add to the function, style, and entertainment value of your home.



PergolaHaus Best Sellers

PergolaHaus provides a broad range of hi-tech, European shade solutions for every need and budget.

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Based in Belgium, Renson® offers top-of-line bioclimatic pergolas in an unparalleled range of colors, materials, styles, and optional accessories, such as lighting, retractable screens, and adjustable panels and sliders.

Learn more about what Reason® has to offer.


Solistysteme® offers streamlined and 

elegant bioclimatic pergolas which fulfill a broad range of site conditions and budgets. Based in France, Solisysteme® has spent over 20 years developing and perfecting their technologies.

Learn more about what Solisysteme® has to offer.

cassette awning markilux mx-1 compact front view of the ambient lighting. the awning hangs
Markilux logo.png

German-made and developed, Markilux

offers a full range of fabric-roofed pergolas as well as extendible, façade-mounted awning systems for those site conditions where columns are neither possible nor desired.

Learn more about what Markilux has to offer.

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PergolaHaus is an authorized dealer and installer of hi-tech European bioclimatic pergola structures, and offers high end shade solutions from manufacturers such as Renson®, Solisysteme®, and Markilux. Based in New Jersey, but covering distribution and installation in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions, PergolaHaus was founded by experienced construction expert Aaron Thall, with a stated mission to "enable high-quality, outdoor living with modern, flexible and elegant shade structures that reflect the needs and aesthetics of their owners."  In 2023, PergolaHaus merged with BioClimatic Structures, LLC, which was founded by Chris Wehmeyer in 2013. With a detail orientation and precision that borders on the obsessive, PergolaHaus prides itself on offering a full range of shade solutions, and delivering a service that is as high-quality, flexible, and expert as the products they sell and install. PergolaHaus serves individuals, architectural firms, and landscape architects to deliver on any commercial or residential need.




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